Great Moments from HK Indesign

November 23, 2015

The HK Indesign event was successfully held on the 19-20 of November, we had the chance to meet a lot of designers and architects, thankyou so much for dropping by!.

We had a booth in THE SPACE at sheung wan last thursday and friday. We displayed and demonstrated the Obergroup's lastest product range, including:

  • Obersound (Obersound 5.5 Collection, Micro-perforation collection)
  • Purepaper (Color and metal collection)
  • Oberflex (Read veneer wood laminates).

Take a look at some pictures of our booth!

(Brands shown : Obersound, Purepaper, Oberflex)

And more photos of the day!

We had such a great time at HK Indesign!

Again, thankyou for those who came to our booth and we hope to see you all in our next event!